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Distances from Bihac

Distances from Bihac to the largest cities and places in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Have a closer look at the distances from Bihac to the largest places in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Distances from Bihac to the largest places in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Izacic Izačić1.4,0899.5 km 5.9 mishow
Ostrozac Ostrožac2.5,45611.6 km 7.2 mishow
Medakova Glavica Medakova Glavica3.33213.3 km 8.2 mishow
Cazin Cazin4.21,74118 km 11 mishow
Stijena Stijena5.10,84418 km 11 mishow
Trzacka Rastela Tržačka Raštela6.6,61719 km 12 mishow
Pjanici Pjanići7.3,53719 km 12 mishow
Coralici Ćoralići8.5,22321 km 13 mishow
Gornja Koprivna Gornja Koprivna9.4,60023 km 14 mishow
Bosanska Krupa Bosanska Krupa10.15,19323 km 14 mishow
Skokovi Skokovi11.3,55324 km 15 mishow
Jezerski Jezerski12.4,36125 km 16 mishow
Orasac Orašac13.3,85626 km 16 mishow
Pecigrad Pećigrad14.6,51427 km 16 mishow
Sturlic Šturlić15.5,01428 km 18 mishow
Otoka Otoka16.6,59529 km 18 mishow
Buzim Bužim17.7,22929 km 18 mishow
Todorovo Todorovo18.9,56031 km 19 mishow
Sumatac Šumatac19.4,98731 km 19 mishow
Varoska Rijeka Varoška Rijeka20.6,57333 km 20 mishow
Mala Kladusa Mala Kladuša21.6,03335 km 22 mishow
Zboriste Zborište22.4,92238 km 24 mishow
Vrnograc Vrnograč23.6,86039 km 24 mishow
Podzvizd Podzvizd24.6,66540 km 25 mishow
Velika Kladusa Velika Kladuša25.19,33041 km 26 mishow
Bosanski Novi Bosanski Novi26.8,92047 km 29 mishow
Svodna Svodna27.4,38858 km 36 mishow
Dobrljin Dobrljin28.3,58261 km 38 mishow
Sanski Most Sanski Most29.13,55163 km 39 mishow
Sanica Sanica30.5,66665 km 40 mishow
Prijedor Prijedor31.36,34769 km 43 mishow
Kostajnica Kostajnica32.4,73969 km 43 mishow
Knezica Knežica33.4,79271 km 44 mishow
Velagici Velagići34.4,97274 km 46 mishow
Peci Peći35.3,65075 km 47 mishow
Maricka Marićka36.3,70778 km 48 mishow
Kljuc Ključ37.7,24578 km 49 mishow
Bosansko Grahovo Bosansko Grahovo38.5,64381 km 50 mishow
Omarska Omarska39.6,46682 km 51 mishow
Lamovita Lamovita40.4,58282 km 51 mishow
Kmecani Kmećani41.23882 km 51 mishow
Gornjoselci Gornjoselci42.17984 km 52 mishow
Bosanska Dubica Bosanska Dubica43.9,95984 km 52 mishow
Bronzani Majdan Bronzani Majdan44.3,94585 km 53 mishow
Piskavica Piskavica45.3,79787 km 54 mishow
Donja Gradina Donja Gradina46.28997 km 60 mishow
Podbrdo Podbrdo47.4,028100 km 62 mishow
Krupa na Vrbasu Krupa na Vrbasu48.1,257103 km 64 mishow
Banja Luka Banja Luka49.221,106104 km 65 mishow
Mrkonjic Grad Mrkonjić Grad50.14,737106 km 66 mishow

1 - 50 of 233 places
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